Recondite Brotherhood


The Aftermath

The residents of Scanty emerged from the town hall after the raucous tale weaved by Wayrd. They were startled to find two crashed hot air balloons, a floating dirigible and several goblin corpses scattered amongst their sleepy farming village. Sorhn agreed to spin the tale in a manner that sounded favourable towards the party. Most citizens were satisfied, but a small mob started shouting racist observations. “I find it a strange coincidence that right when these half-breeds show up, so does a goblin attack! I even heard that one of them even speaks goblin!”__ Wayrd bribed the most vocal member, and the party was left free to inspect the dirigible. Attached to Bahldissa’s grappling hook, it appeared to have many small enchantments holding it in the air, but had to be steered manually. Melchior scurried up and used it to scout in the travels.

Sorhn inquired as to Kayn‘s whereabouts, but Wayrd was evasive. The party set out to find the final balloon that escaped. The balloon had crashed and the goblins were dead. Some goblins returned to the crash site later in the evening. Wayrd and Melchior lay in wait, listening to the confused creatures try and determine what happened. In their tongue, Melchior spoke to them, posing as one of Rotgut’s accomplices. He assured them that their boss would be along shortly with many spoils.

After watching the goblins head off, the journey continued to Cathabatra, the blue collar town noted in the tome as being looted shortly before the raid. It showed signs of recent construction. Twyle, a mechanic, was hit the hardest. After a frosty introduction being called a man by Wayrd, she begrudgingly explained that she had been attempting to combine tools with the arcane to aid construction. The goblins had seemed to target her shop specifically. Her demeanor instantly changed when the party showed her the zeppelin. This is exactly the sort of creation she wanted to build.

In order to learn more about a shady person that might be aiding the goblins, Twyle suggested asking around in the local tavern, The Dragon’s Flagon. The tavern band mentioned a cloaked figure seen around the plains, and the prejudiced drummer mistook the homely Twyle for a hag. Another noted that the man leading a troupe of bandits was named Uriah.



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