Recondite Brotherhood

Home Alone Strategizing

An Emotional Reunion

The party arrived in the farming village of Scanty and decided to seek out the mayor. After Wayrd charmed his way past the secretary at town hall, they were introduced to Sorhn. The mayor was very morose and hollow and seemed to believe that the town deserved the raid described by the tome. It was clear that he and Wayrd had a prior relationship. They asked for a moment of privacy, and after their conversation, Sorhn agreed to help organize against the raid with a brute squad and allowing an oratory performance in town hall to keep the townspeople unable to defend themselves protected.

Stragegy for how best to defend the town was discussed, which included laying down caltrops, summoning flying monsters, reducing persons, mage hand to throw poison darts, grappling hooks to pull down the aircraft, Bahldissa throwing Melchior, and Melchior tethered to the roof of the town hall chimney.

A meat cart rolled by, with a permeating rotten stench, despite the wares looking quite fresh. Bahldissa peeked underneath the wagon and discovered two goblins clinging to the underside. She grabbed them, knocked their heads together, and tied them up. Melchior used his language skills to interrogate the petulant humanoids, which were scouting for their leader, Rotgut, with a primitive spyglass. They confirmed that there were 4 aircraft, and the attack would be while the sun was highest in the sky.



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