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It may be surprising to an outsider of Ortral to see such a lush terrain on the same land as the northern mountains. The southern coast of the continent is a kaleidoscope of flora next to pale sands and a cerulean sea. The Seafolk mostly live in Caulcove, a breezy city of wood and reed that is incredibly welcoming to outsiders. While a variety of races call this region their home, the community is mostly comprised of halflings and elves.

The shallows of the city of Caulcove are beautifully tranquil, a stark contrast to the dangers of the deeper sea. The outer ocean is riddled with storms, aggressive creatures and natural geographic hazards. People that risk their lives to harvest the bounty of resources on the ocean are widely respected. The average citizens make a humble living off what can be scavenged from the banks of the sea, gathering fruit, or from providing basic services to tourists.

Superstitious folk among the seafarers insist that once a boat or swimmer has ventured out of sight of the continent, the ocean behaves like a frenzied animal. Many refer to the water as though it is a sentient being because of this. The only island that is safely within reach to Ortral’s citizens is the Garnet Lagoon. People travel great distances to see the island’s distinctive red shimmer in the water, and the lagoon is a common destination for holidaymakers.


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