The mountains of Ortral are home to a culture clash as cold as the terrain. Holding the dwarves at arms’ length is the only subject the two main cities of the region can agree on. The current relationship between Galthran and Icerunn is tense, but cordial. Violence and political conflict are not too distant memories for older residents of the cultures.

Galthran is an industrial center built near a stone quarry. Its citizens, mostly half-orc and human, are hardworking and full of good humor. The society is progressive, with both males and females handling child rearing, homemaking and manual labour equally. Women select their lifemates by bestowing a fur cowl to their beloved. Weddings, funerals, or any gatherings of one or more members of Galthran is sure to include Frostwurm, a clear alcohol fermented with a fungus exclusive to the mountains.

Icerunn is the fastidious home of the dragonborn. Religion is the cornerstone of the citizen’s lives, creating a disciplined and reserved society with a strong sense of justice. Females are expected to keep veiled until married, or devoted to religious order. Bluntness and outspokenness are traits only accepted from men. A council of religious elders following the order of Bahamut handle judicial and political leadership for the city.


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