Dwarven Subterranean

Beneath the jagged hazards of the mountain’s graveyard known as The Crumble, the Dwarven city of Lazulin is stoutly unflappable. In a time where other nations are struggling to maintain humble living conditions, the Dwarves are extremely prosperous. After years of toiling over moderate success smelting metals into ingots, they found in their mines a windfall of jewels, gems and crystals that is seemingly limitless.

The Dwarven Emperor Krupp and his elected council do not offer direct aid to other nations, but are willing to pay handsomely for services rendered in their empire. However, the mountains and underground are treacherous, and very few adventurers return home at all, let alone with a wealth of gems. Nevertheless, the underground is a common destination for the desperate or greedy. As an extension of this, the citizens of Lazulin are moderately xenophobic, as the bulk of their exposure to outsiders have involved thievery or requests for handouts with no reciprocity.

Content to exist separately from the rest of Ortral, the subterranean inhabitants live simply. The working class make up the majority, but are well respected in a society that values dedication and labour. While those folk are of few words, the elite are quite educated and eloquent. Occasionally arcane pursuits are embraced among the scholarly, but the use of magic to accomplish menial tasks is considered disgraceful. Regardless of social class, belts are worn with studs and jewels marking seniority and prestige in their given trade.

With an economy flourishing from the jewel trade, the infrastructure of Lazulin is impressive to behold. Smooth stone buildings engulf the sprawling caverns and great pillars reinforce the subterranean ceiling. To a resident, navigating the vast tunnels is effortless, but visitors unfamiliar with underground landscape may not fare as well.

Dwarven Subterranean

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