Elinor Rhea Tarnassus

human professor of Crystology


Elinor Rhea Tarnassus is the professor of the study of magical properties of rocks and crystals. This is considered a pseudoscience because while minerals are considered an excellent catalyst for being enchanted, they are not regarded as inherently magical from an academic perspective, as they are not alive. Claims that rocks can hold arcane properties are akin to insinuating that they are alive, which makes Elinor come off as rather odd.

The professor has a chip on her shoulder from her life’s work not being taken seriously at the academy. The school calendar even lists her subject as Crystology, a somewhat mocking title, instead of an offshoot of Geology. Although Elinor is a cleric, she does not subscribe to any deity, and often shows a lack of respect for organized religion.

Elinor Rhea Tarnassus

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