Recondite Brotherhood

They Did the Math

Changing the future?

After preparations for the impending goblin raid, Wayrd began weaving a distractionary tale of his life story, somehow without the citizens of Scanty connecting the dots or recognizing him.

The goblins had 3 hot air balloons and one primitive zeppelin. One balloon threw a smattering of projectiles, another attempted to steal sheep from the pasture, and a third poured burning oil. Jack ripped throats, Bahldissa snapped a goblin’s neck and currently has the dirigible attached to her grappling hook, Nyla shot magic missiles, Melchior shrunk Rotgut and had his summoned owl drop the miniature goblin from a substantial height, and Mydon climbed a rope in a manly fashion, and destroyed a goblin with water. Two of the hot air balloons were destroyed, and the third one escaped after Rotgut was slain.

The village of Scanty was successfully defended without any casualties. The page of the tome no longer mentions Sorhn’s death.



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