Recondite Brotherhood

Geology, not Crystology

Finding a Common Goal

Upon entering the dank and dusty seaside temple, the party met their overseeing professor for the research project, Elinor Rhea Tarnassus, who chastised them for their lateness as well as their lack of interest in her field of “geology.” The temple they were investigating was pantheistic, and showed symbolism for Boccob, Obad-Hai, Yondalla, and Pelor. It had a main receiving room where lectures occurred, a room for conducting rituals, and a room for prayer and offerings.

The research project involved placing quartz samples near high concentration of blue coralite according to a topography map, as well as taking a sample from where 5 minerals were concentrated.

Small offerings were found in stone boxes in the prayer room with Obad-Hai symbols. It was guarded with a poison dart trap hidden amongst some murals. Nyla expertly avoided getting hit, which showed the others where the trigger tile was in the ground. Wayrd pushed the tile until all the darts from the trap had been fired. Mydon identified them as having tarantula venom on the tips. Melchior used his mage hand to collect the darts and store the tips in the small corks picked up from the monkeys’ stash. Melchior also played a prank on the party while they were placing samples in the offertory room by making a ghost sound of a baby cooing near the temple entrance. Bahldissa was scandalized by a few acts of sacrilege during the research project.

When Elinor smashed the sun mosaic in the ritual room to collect a sample, two statues animated and attacked. Using their strength and cleverness, these threatening constructs were defeated.

The students discovered a secret room by moving animal tiles according to instructions scrawled in druidic alphabet. When the wall panel descended into the floor, four healing potions bearing the same symbol as the signet ring were discovered. On the walls were old paintings showing a great healer that assisted temple goers. He traveled to the temple and back from an X-shaped river. Recalling the history of the Plains, the students recognized that this river was now dry, which mean the healer would be over 100 years old.

Barnabas returned the students to Ferucha, which concluded their research. Collecting their stipend, they were now official graduates of Ortral Academy! To celebrate, they went to the Modest Mermaid and imbibed with Elinor, who inquired about their pasts and their studies. Wayrd got drunk and told a tale of an elf’s mighty member that was able to stopper rivers. They shared in fellowship and decided to seek out this healer’s house after a few days in the capital.



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