Recondite Brotherhood

Dried-Out Riverbeds

A Tough Decision

The new graduates enjoyed their time off in the capital, purchasing adventuring supplies, spell components, new clothes and a fancy hat. Melchior, after hearing some bar patrons exclaim about a beautiful girl at a traveling circus, attempted to hustle drunks at The Kraken and was asked to leave by the proprietor. Meeting up at the Modest Mermaid, the party set off on their journey through the Withered Plains to find the healer’s house.

On their walk through the oppressive heat of the drought stricken area, Wayrds hat got continually criticized and Mydon lit a torch in a somewhat sexual manner. As the sun went down, the party was attacked by a swarm of locusts, and cleverly used their fire to their advantage.

After making camp for the night, two travelers on the road passed their way and exchanged some gossip. The brothers, Lon and Otis were on their way to the mountains to start Crossed Swords Construction because they are tired of the heat. On their journey so far they nearly got jumped by bold and creative goblins and heard a weird fluttering noise.

Inside a run-down cottage near the X-shaped river, Noam Ashby was discovered. He has been studying his father Coruvial Ashby‘s craft, and creates potions, salves, and wands. His father had incredible abilities, which garnered him attention from various other magic users throughout his life. On his last trip to help maintain the temple, his house was ransacked by bandits, and a potion cask with his father’s journals was stolen. If they could be retrieved, he would be willing to give them a crafted wand that could be used for basic healing.

Setting off north in search of the bandit camp, a fluttering sound came from the side of a dried out riverbed. Crawling inside, a large tome with a split leather spine was found. Upon closer examination, the book was an almanac, showing the entire history of Ortral. Every page described happenings around the continent for a particular day. There was a bizarre discovery- the almanac had a page for the following day! In between dry details of local elections, trade margins, and weather conditions, the book writes that the the nearby town of Scanty was attacked in an aerial raid by goblins and the mayor perished. Bahldissa recognized this story from a Gnomish nursery rhyme.

Feeling that it was their duty to try to prevent this tragedy from befalling the town, as well as a sense of curiosity over the prospect of changing the future, the graduates decided to set aside their search for the bandit camp for the time being.



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