Recondite Brotherhood


Sending a Message

Twyle was drinking alone in the bar, but was very curious as to how goblins were using the dirigible. She made a great audience, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the bravery and antics shown in the goblin raid. When Mydon mentioned destroying a goblin with water, she seemed especially interested. Since the party was interested in plying her for more information, he attempted to sweep her off her feet and turned on his charm. Wayrd spoke to a construction labourer who thought that the cloaked figure traveling around the plains could be Noam Ashby taking care of the temple his father loved.

Suddenly Twyle got incredibly excited and had a stroke of genius. A simple spell can be used in many different ways. She had been wrong all along in her focus on construction for arcane machinery. What if a machine could bring rain to an area with drought? This could change the lives of so many impoverished people. Twyle requested the party find her a prototype of a magical hinge that was lost in the goblin raid.

The goblin camp was located with ease. A majority of the combatant goblins were in the raid, and only 6 remained. The other goblins were children or noncombatant. After Melchior failed to convince them that he was an agent of Rotgut’s, they attacked. The party dealt with them handily. Melchior asserted himself as the new king of the goblins and gathered some information and loot from the terrified creatures. Rotgut had meetings to the south with someone known as The Black Hand. When the hinge was located, Melchior ordered the goblins to be peaceful and self-governing.

Upon reaching Cathabatra, the party found the town eerily quiet in contrast to how it had been bustling earlier. A man was laying face down in the street. His neck had been snapped cleanly. Everyone in the town was dead in the same fashion. An arcana check revealed that it had been done with something as simple as a Mage Hand. Mydon sprinted to Twyle’s workshop. Unlike the other unmarked corpses, she has been flayed. Written in her blood in her formerly pristine workshop was the mocking words, “Blood is thicker than water.”

From underneath her corpse water started to flood, quickly rising up to the party’s ankles. When the door was opened, the water spread evenly, stopping at the town borders. An invisible barrier had walled in the town. After various attempts to stop the flood, such as bleeding, casting spells against the barriers, and using summoned animals to fly and swim, a giant tidal wave bore down on Cathabatra, and disappeared immediately after the impact. The party was left battered, clinging to life in a pile of bodies and rubble that had been a peaceful and bustling town hours earlier. Nyla and Bahldissa, who were weaker swimmers are alive, but unconscious.



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