Recondite Brotherhood

Bizarre Electives

Breaking the Ice

An assortment of various graduates of practical training from Ortral Academy in Ferucha decided to take on a research project for extra credit and a small stipend of 10 gp. This involved Nyla the elven sorceress, Melchior the halfling sorceror, Bahldissa the human paladin, Mydon the human druid and Wayrd the half-elf bard. The harried assistant organizing the groups snickered about this particular project because Crystology is widely regarded as a pseudoscience. Wayrd paid special attention to Bahldissa.

Before Barnabas , the toothless wagon driver brilliantly lost the map, he broke the ice by inquiring about the students’ various studies, and discovered they had taken some very strange electives. Mydon had studied Elvish Sea Shanties, Wayrd had studied Orcish Throat Singing, Melchior had studied Goblin Language, Bahldissa had studied Gnomish Children’s Literature and Nyla had studied A History of Dwarven Beard Fashion. Using tracking, climbing and arcane skills, they managed to get the wagon back on the correct trail.

Barnabas dropped the students off when the forest grew too thick and they found a decorated temple with vines stretching across it. Upon approaching a small cornucopia altar with an offering of fruit inside, the monkeys in the surrounding trees felt threatened and attacked. Melchior frightened away half of the monkeys with the illusion of a tiger’s roar, while Nyla zapped them with electricity. Among some rotten apple cores the monkeys left behind, there were several small corks, a silver comb and a signet ring bearing a human crest. The party went inside to find the professor overseeing the research project.



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